Recent News

  • ・October, 2013:Begin simultaneous interpretation services
  • ・January, 2013:"Tokyo Ok": Trademark registration completed
  • ・September, 2012:Begin English⇔Spanish⇔Japanese translation service
  • ・August, 2012:"Tokyo Ok" website updated
  • ・July, 2012:Additional list of our clients' comments
  • ・July, 2012:Begin English⇔French⇔Japanese translation service
  • ・June, 2012:Recruitment of Bilingual staff
  • ・May, 2012:Launch of our new Website
  • ・April, 2012:Renovation of our office
  • ・February, 2012:Implementation of eco-friendly measures
  • ・January, 2012:Establishment of T-Prime Inc.
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